OH Series hall effect ICs and Elements

Based on hall-effect principle, a hall effect IC is usually composed of a reverse protector, voltage regulator, Hall voltage generator, differential amplifier, Schmitt trigger and an open-collector output on a single silicon chip. Hall effect products are one kind of magnetic sensor ICs, which can convert the changeable magnetic field signal into a digital voltage output.


Unipolar hall effect Switch ICs

Feature: Responding to a single pole: North or South

Typical applications: speed detection, proximity switch, flow detection, etc.

Part no.:

TO-92S DIP: OH137, OH44, OH3144, OH401, OH44E, OH44L, OH443, OH44N,OH3141E
SOT89 SMD: OH44EW, OH543, OH541
SOT23 SMD: OH37, OH4S, OH4N, OH34, OH34N


Bipolar Hall effect Switch ICs

Feature: Responding to alternating North and South poles.

Typical applications: position sensing of BLDC, odometer sensors, power sensors, speed detection, anti-trap windows.

Part no.:
TO-92S DIP: OH137A0


Hall effect Latch ICs

Feature: Responding to alternating North and South poles.

Typical applications: position sensing of BLDC, odometer, etc.

Part no.:
TO-92S DIP: OH413, OH41, OH1881, OH3172X, OH921, OH41F, OH41A

SOT89 SMD: OH513

SOT23 SMD: OH13, OH920


Hall effect Linear ICs

Feature: Base on the magnetic field pole and density, output voltage increase or decrease proportionally. Typical applications: accelerator pedal, speed regulation handle, pressure sensing, etc.

Part no.:

TO-92S DIP:OH49E,OH3503,OH96B,OH95A


Omnipolar low operation voltage and low power hall IC

Feature: IC have two operation mode: detection and sleep, in detection mode, sensing the magnetic flux, output make an appropriate response, when in sleep mode, keep its previous state.

Typical applications: battery powered device, mobile phone, notebook, electronic lock, etc.

Part no:TO-92 SDIP:OH9248, OH4913

SOT23 SMD:OH9249, OH9213

Omnipolar hall IC without Sleep Mode

Part No.: OH9253 OH9245


Hall effect gear tooth IC

Feature:High-performance Gear tooth sensor IC

Typical application:camshaft sensing, gear tooth sensing

Part no: OH086, OH097


Hall elements

Feature:InSb and GaAs Hall element with good linearity and consistency

Typical application:current sensing, motor control

Part no:OH12AF, OH119,OH302B, OH82AE, OH14A