Established in 2006, “ouzhuo technology” is a business entity with the capacity of design, manufacture and sales of Hall-effect integrated circuit ICs and magnetic sensors.

Company mission

“Sensing makes life better”! Ouzhuo has been striving to provide convenient and reliable solutions for the society and strive to participate in and lead the localization of magnetic sensor chips. Contribute to green environmental protection.

Operating Modes

Ouzhuo has the ability to design and develop products and has its own intellectual property (multiple patented products). As a fabless company, ouzhuo is cooperating with the leading chip foundries and quality control rigorous packaging companies as our long-term partners to ensure product reliability and consistency.


Ouzhuo has the production capacity of nearly 100 million Hall effect ICs and magnetic sensors per year. Production has grown steadily with market demand. We can also offer customized products for specific applications.

Precise Test

All of OH Series hall ICs are 100% rigorously tested with our own fully automatic test-sorting machines to guarantee the consistency and high reliability.

Environmental Friendly

Ouzhuo’s OH series hall effect ICs are REACH and ROHS certificated.


We firmly believe that “sensing makes life better” and has been working hard for it. With the profound recognition of the advantages and stability of magnetic induction products in the fields of industry, automobiles, home appliances and other aviation, OH full range of multi-function magnetic sensitive ICs and sensor products are gradually being pushed to different engineering applications. The field is recognized and highly recommended by long-term customers for its excellent performance in reliability and stability. We focus on developing products that meet our customers’ needs and striving to continuously improve the customer experience by providing customers with a full range of technical services and support at different stages of pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales. We have our own intellectual property.

We believe that OUZHUO will have a long-term stable development in the field of “sensing and control”.


Your support is our driving force. Thank you!