OH9213 Low Current Consumption Omnipolar Hall IC

Part No: OH9213

Function: Omnipolar

Operating voltage: 1.8-6V

Output Current: Awake:2mA; Sleep:1.9μA

Operating Point (Bop): -3.5mT

Release Point(Brp): +/-2.6mT

Sleep time: 140ms

Awake time: 100us
Operating Temp: -40~ 85℃

Package: SOT23



OH9213 is an integrated Hall-effect sensor designed specifically to meet the requirements of low-power devices, such as an On/Off switch in Cellular Flip-Phones, with battery operating voltages of 2.4V-5.5V.

Precise magnetic switching points and high-temperature stability are achieved through the unique design of the internal circuit. An onboard clock scheme is used to reduce the average operating current of the IC. During the operating phase the IC compares the actual magnetic field detected with the internally compensated switching points. The output Q is switched at the end of each operating phase. During the Stand-by phase, the output stage is latched and the current consumption of the device reduced to some μA. The IC switching behavior is Omnipolar, it can be switched on with either the North or South pole of a magnet.


  • Micropower design
  • High sensitivity and high stability of the magnetic
  • switching points
  • High resistance to mechanical stress
  • Switching for both poles of a magnet (omnipolar)


  • Cover switch in clam-shell cellular phones
  • Cover switch in Notebook PC/PDA
  • Contact-less switch in consumer products

Absolute Maximum Ratings (TA=25℃)

Supply Voltage VCC ·············· 6V                  Supply Current (Fault) ICC ··············4.5mA

Output Voltage VOUT ··············6V                 Output Current IOUT ··············2 mA

Storage Temperature ·············-45 to 150 °C         ESD Protection ················ 4000V


Magnetic Characteristics  Vcc =3V, TA=25°C, (1mT = 10 Gauss)

Parameter symbol Conditions Value Unit
Min Typ Max
Operate Point BOPS South pole to branded side

B>BOPS,VOUT=low(output on)

20 35 50 GS
BOPN North pole to branded side

B>BOPN,VOUT=low(output on)

-50 -35 -20 GS
Release Point BRPS South pole to branded side

B<BRPS,VOUT=high(output off)

12 27 42 GS
BRPN North pole to branded side

B<BRPN,VOUT=high(output off)

-42 -26 -12 GS
Hysteresis BH ︱BOPX – BRPX︱ 2 8 16 GS



Electrical Characteristics  Vcc =3V, TA=25°C

Parameter Symbol Conditions Value Unit
Min Typ Max
Supply Voltage VCC 2.4 6 V
Supply Current IAW Awake 0.5 2 3.5 mA
ISL Sleep 1 1.9 8 μA
IAVG Average 1 3 10 μA
     Output Current IOUT 1.0 mA
Output Leakage Current ILEAK B<︱BRP︱ 0.01 1.0 μA
Saturation Voltage VSAT IOUT =1.0mA 0.13 0.4 V
Output rise time tr RL=2.7KΩ CL=10pF
Output fall time rf RL=2.7KΩ CL=10pF
Awake Mode Time tAW Operating 25 100 160 μs
Sleep Mode Time tSL Operating 60 140 240 ms
Duty Cycle Top/Tstb 0.071 %
Start-up time of IC Tstu 12 20 us


Datasheet: OH9213 Omnipolar hall IC