OH513 Latch Hall effect IC

Part No: OH513

Function: Latch

Operating voltage: 4.5-24V

Output Current: 50mA

Operating Point (Bop): <8mT

Release Point(Brp): >-8mT

Operating Temp: -40~ 150℃

Package: SOT89


OH513 Hall effect Latch Switch IC integrates hall element and signal processing circuit in one silicon chip, including a reverse protector, voltage regulator, Hall voltage generator, differential amplifier, Schmitt trigger and an open-collector output. It can work with the multi-polar magnetic ring and alternating magnetic fields. OH513 has better anti-interference ability and the output waveform duty ratio is little affected by external temperature and alternating magnetic field.


  • High reliability
  • High sensitivity
  • Good temperature performance
  • Anti-environmental stress


  • The brushless DC motor internal reversing
  • The motor speed and direction detection
  • The motor of electric bicycle, power assisted device
  • Speed sensor, counter
  • The flow sensor, flow meter

Absolute Maximum Ratings (TA=25℃)

Supply Voltage VCC··············4-30V         Operating Temperature Range TA ········-40~150℃       Output Current  IO···················50mA              Storage Temperature RangeTS ················-55~150℃


Electrical Characteristics (Ta= 25°C)

Parameter Symbol Conditions Value Unit
Min Typ Max
Supply Voltage VCC 4 30 V
Output Saturation Voltage VOL VCC=5V,  RL=1KΩ,  B≥BOP 200 400 mV
Output Leakage Current IOH Vo=Vccmax , B≤BRP 0.1 10 μA
Supply Current ICC Vo=Vccmax , B≤BRP 5 mA
Output Rise Time tr Vcc=5V, RL=1KΩ, CL=20pF 0.5 μS
Output Falling Time tf 0.5 μS


Magnetic Characteristics (Ta= 25°C) (1mT = 10 Gauss)

Parameter symbol Value Unit
Min Typ Max
Operate Point BOP 8 mT
Release Point BRP -8 mT
Hysteresis BH 10 mT


Datasheet: OH513 Latch hall IC